30TH Jul 2010

Bernard’s blog: 30 June

Hi everyone,

It’s great to be back home on the Gold Coast after a long road trip throughout Europe.

Best thing about being home is Mum’s cooking of course (and no, Mum didn’t make me say that!!!!)

Not too far behind Mum’s cooking though are the pizzas in Italy. Let’s face it, if someone is going to make a good pizza it is going to be the Italians of course!

Of course, I have to watch what I eat. But I don’t need to go to ridiculous lengths. It is just mainly about eating healthy especially during the week when you are playing.

It may not sound like much when you have a bit of junk food but I can tell you I have quickly learned that it does affect you and how you feel and play the next day.

Without doubt the highlight of our trip was Wimbledon.

Just being part of it. Being one of the 128 guys out there on that grass playing  somewhere I have dreamed about playing for my whole life.

For those of you who don’t know all the intimate details of tennis a Grand Slam draw has128 players. If your ranking is outside of about 108, you have to fight your way through a field of another 128 guys, just to get a start in the main draw.

So I played and won three rounds of qualifying to get to play at Wimbledon. It made it even more satisfying.

Tell you what, I loved it. It has just made me more determined to get back there again next year.

We stayed in Wimbledon Village and it was good fun. Wherever we go I always make time to have a bit of a look around.

We saw this amazing old castle in England while we there.

London is an incredible city. So big. So spread out.

But I have to say, Melbourne is still my favourite of all the cities I have been to for tennis. When we are there it is like the Australian Open takes over the whole city.  Nothing better.


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