23RD Jan 2011

Laver heaps praise on Tomic


Australian tennis greats have praised the efforts of Bernard Tomic at the season’s opening grand slam with Rod Laver saying the 18-year-old had “embarrassed” Rafael Nadal in their third-round clash.

Two-time junior grand slam champion Tomic pushed the world No.1 over three sets at the Australian Open on Saturday night, even going to a 4-0 lead in the second set.

It prompted some kind words from Laver and Roy Emerson at the G’Day USA Ball in Los Angeles.

“At 18 he’s really showing a lot of class,” Laver said.

“I watched him play Nadal and he showed some good form all the way through.

“He wasn’t embarrassed playing Nadal and I think Nadal was a little embarrassed with what Tomic had done to him.”

Emerson said the world No.199 had the potential to be among the top players on the tour.

“Nadal seemed to be a little worried particularly in the second set with the change of pace that young Bernard was doing and it was upsetting the rhythm of Nadal,” Emerson said.

“I think he has a great future and if he keeps in shape I can’t see why he can’t get in the top 10 in a couple of years.”

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