Bernard Tomic
16TH Jan 2013

First top 10, then No.1?

Already convinced he is headed for the top 10, the new and improved Bernard Tomic is eyeing the world No.1 ranking.

Tomic knows it won’t happen overnight but his dramatic transformation and explosive start to 2013 has the 20-year-old believing he is on the way to the very top.

“Everyone’s got goals in tennis and personally I want to become in the top 10 best tennis players, and then potentially move myself into No.1 in the world,” Tomic said ahead of his second-round Australian Open match on Tuesday against German qualifier Daniel Brands.

“That’s always my goal. It’s important to have steps on the way and try to reach the top 20, but I think I’m pushing the top 10.

“It’s far, but I think it’s achievable the way I’m playing.

“Once you achieve that, I think I’m going to set new goals.”

The youngest player in the world’s top 200, Tomic is currently ranked 43rd – but he is playing way above that level and rated by bookmakers as the Open’s sixth favourite for the title.

Tomic said he reinvented himself after plummeting from a career-high No.27 last June to 64th before capturing his maiden title in Sydney last week.

“When I got back (home in October), I took two, three weeks off,” he said.

“I sat down and really said: ‘What (do) I want and how do I change myself?’

“Because I can be a good player always, but how do I become better and better and become possibly a great player in the future.

“That’s the difference between what I want now and what I didn’t want before. It’s changed me.

“I feel I’m improving every day, and there is so much for me to improve. I can’t wait for that process.”

The youngster concedes he still sometimes finds the hard work “difficult”, but he is also enjoying the fruits of his pre-season labour with his new strength and conditioning team.

“If you can just be fitter than the other player and mentally stronger and hang in there, you never know what can happen,” Tomic said.

“I do have the tennis. I can play tennis. It’s not a problem about that. But I needed to build something of my own, and that’s where I spent two months trying to become fitter, better and mentally stronger.

“Now on the court, it’s a piece of cake.”

Victory over Brands on Thursday would thrust Tomic into a likely “piece of cake” third-round showdown on Saturday with 17-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer.

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    Yeah buddi, you can do it.

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